Short history
Ten years ago....

Youth Brass Band Orchestra of Wasilkow became operational on 28.01.2002 year. From the very beginning of the conductor is a graduate of the Chopin Music Academy in Warsaw - Adam Wolański. Currently, the orchestra has about 40 people. These are children from the Primary School King Sigismund Augustus in Wasilkow, youth from Grammar School Rabczyńskiego Wenceslas in Wasilkow, and its graduates. Age range of those people is from 11 to 19 years.

The orchestra's repertoire includes marches, songs, entertainment, hymns and carols.

In 2004, our orchestra has prepared a drill parade, we all had a chance to admire the presentation at the VI International Youth Brass Band in the courtyard of the Palace Branicki in Bialystok.

For many years the orchestra has performed its activities in Wasilkow, Black Bialystok Gródek, Mielnik, Kuznica Bialystok, Podlaski Bielsko, Warsaw, and often in Bialystok. These were the performances at different concerts, state ceremonies, celebrations, church, school or sporting events.

In 2005, our orchestra has participated in the 50 Festival of Brass Bands - Rastede Musiktage (Germany) where he also took the top positions and received great applause.

In every major brass band, in addition to the large numbers of young men playing instruments, dancing is a section (majorettes or czyrliderki) - A group of girls, whose task is to illustrate the kind of music through dance. From 01.04.2003 years with the orchestra working group "majorettes", which the instructor is Anna Szutko.

Each year the orchestra will be purchased for additional instruments, which begin to learn to play more and more new people. In addition to people playing in the main warehouse is also a bunch of those that are still learning, but soon will feed into the main part of the orchestra. A prerequisite for this is patience and perseverance in the months in "coaching" tedious exercise, which must pass through every novice musician.

We are pleased that interest in our orchestra is constantly growing, and so our orchestra is becoming known not only in Poland but also in the world.